Arsyugoslavia: Grupa Beograd

Datum: 29. Oktober 2016
Ort: AU – Brunnengasse 76, 1160 Wien
Inhalt: Ausstellung / Konferenz / Lesung / Konzerte / DJ-Set uvm.


Grupa Beograd
Serbian synth-pop band founded in 1981 in former Yugoslavia by Dejan Stanisavljević (synths, vocals), Slobodan Stanić (synths) and brothers Ljuba Bubalo (bass, synths) and Mića Bubalo (rhythm machine, electric drums). Slobodan Stanić quit the band very soon after forming, so they mostly played as a trio on stage, sometimes with the help of Miloš Obrenović (drummer of band U Škripcu). They also often used pre-recorded parts of their tracks on live acts. Their first single was released the year they formed (Sanjaš Li U Boji? / T.V.) and they later recorded their debut album “Remek Depo” with the help of Paul Pignon (saxophone) and Stjepko Gut (trumpet). By the middle of 1983. Dejan left the band to collaborate with the band Du-Du-A, so Beograd disbanded. Ljuba Bubalo formed the techno-pop band Haj’mo…

Arsyugoslavia is a collective of DJs and music enthusiasts with goal of promoting new and old underground music and creating a small hemisphere for all people craving culture that is not represented in mainstream media and commercial venues.

Projektträger: Verein LINE IN
Partnerorganisation: Arsyugoslavia
Organisiert von Drazen Kuljis und Michael Podgorac